The (R)Evolution of The Centre for Psychology at Work

“Would love to hear your thoughts and ideas on how Occupational/Business Psychology profession can better support MSc and undergrad students in our wonderful field?”

Back in September 2019, a LinkedIn post posing the above question generated a conversation around the barriers to Occupational Psychology as a profession and how a collaborative approach to supporting and enabling the next generation of Occupational Psychologists could help to improve the perception of those working in the space, irrespective of their paths into the profession.


A buzzing group of like-minded individuals with a desire to improve the profession in an inclusive way was formed. The group explored the problem statement with University Course Directors as well as an open consultation at the British Psychological Society’s Division of Occupational Psychology annual conference at the start of January 2020. That was just the start of confronting the problem head on with the institutions...


Since then, the group has made huge steps to producing what we now introduce to you as the Centre for Psychology at Work.


With a focus on exploring and celebrating diversity in the profession, a key theme for the Centre is around storytelling and exploring the narratives of all those who use psychology in the workplace, regardless of their background or academic achievements. 


Born out of a desire by those already working in the profession – and with a variety of backgrounds between them – to support and improve the experiences and opportunities for their peers and those entering the profession, by providing access to information, knowledge, and guidance of what is available for them at all stages of their career. Ultimately aiming to help strengthen individual identification to the profession and to lift up those who wish to apply psychology at work.