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Our Peer Inquiries series of events is currently on hold as the Centre takes time to pause, reflect and regroup.

Highlights from the second in our Peer Inquiries series


Highlights from our inaugural Peer Inquiries session


We held our first Peer Inquiries session in January and it was such a success that we will be holding these on a regular, monthly basis. We must thank all those who attended – the support, energy and sharing that took place was simply incredible and conversations have continued in the weeks since the session.

We asked our attendees about what really matters to them in terms of what they would like our field of psychology to do, and also what they believe the priorities for the profession are. We were curious to understand what resonates with them, what they have found invaluable in the careers so far, and what one thing would make a difference to how and what we want to impact. The conversations provided many talking points, highlighted above.

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